Triplex glass dating

Introduction advertisement 1919 safety glass windows for cars manufactured under the brandname triplex all received some form of manufacturing date code. British car folklore has it that there is a date code indicated by the position of the dots around the outside of the circular triplex logo on car glass i'm looking for an explanation of how to decipher the code. Mga windsceen glass and sources - wt-103 here's a note especially for concours enthusiasts who may be looking for perfection enthusiasts from a lot of different auto clubs (not necessarily mg) have been getting glass on special order with the correct original vintage logo etched on the part. Laminated safety glass (triplex) ever of glasses and films makes it possible to obtain the required functional and decoration effect satisfying all up-to-date. Off-site space for $350 in brooklyn, ny it is a landmark brownstone designed by the architect john young located at the heart of.

Pilkington, with its subsidiary triplex safety glass, in which it gradually acquired a controlling interest. Triplex safety glass is now owned by pilkington, which uses a similar method of dating using dots under letters, but is not described here triplex window date code decoding if you know the decade your car was produced, you can find the last digit of the year by looking for two dots in the triplex logo on the glass. The month of manufacture is now indicated by the dots over the word triplex: having trouble posting or changing forum settings.

The mouth blown triplex glass is specifically engineered to ensure that there is even distribution of light pd-51814 14w 906 845 br bn ch created date: 11/20. Car windshields: dot number database search find out what department of transportation numbers on windshields mean.

Many of the older classic car veterans will know of the triplex glass code i may be wrong but i seem to remember being able to date glass. Find great deals on ebay for triplex glass shop with confidence. The date code would be below the triplex logo (encircled xxx) in the following format: certain letters that advise date of glass to a quarterly accuracy and.

Triplex glass date codes (prior to jan 1969) cars made in the 1950’s to the late 1970’s can be dated by the ‘triplex code’ etched into the toughened glass note that it dates the glass, so is only an indication of the cars age, assuming the glass is original year code the year code can be found in the nine letters make the word toughened. Dating your car by its windows - based on the original compiled by neil cairns mg's made in the 1950's to the late 1970's can be dated by the 'triplex code' etched into the toughened glass my 75 gt has sicursive side glass but a triplex heated back-light with a code that fits the date of build of the car.

Dating of pre-war triplex glass 1929-1940 toughened glass in the trade mark the words triplex and toughened were arranged in a circular formation around a.

You can stop your search and come to etsy vintage triplex glass advertising running bow light shabby chic galvanized metal shows patent date april 1st. Email below you will find a list of car windshield markings we put together from various sources, including the glass manufacturer names, sample images, and the info if you have samples you would like to share, please send them to us. The dunlop collection | statesville, nc 28687 english paperweight for sale, whitefriars paperweight for sale glass paperweight for sale. • mouth blown etched triplex glass • integral swivel for sloped ceilings • three 12 inch and one 6 inch rods included created date: 11/29/2016 12:52:46 pm.

Xc hardtop door handle style it is worth noting that triplex was/is a uk company all the other door glass on this car have these markings. Ebaycom. 3s full face masks [better than ever lens variants coated in polycarbonate & triplex glass created date: 9/28/2005 11:39:46.

triplex glass dating Spanner-bolt sizes triplex glass date code remember you are only dating the glass of the vehicle and it is best to check as many of the pieces of glass as you can.
Triplex glass dating
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